Cash Vault Services

Improve cash flow and reduce risk with Cash Vault Services1

Focus your time on growing your business, while our Cash Vault network and Smart Safe solutions help safeguard your assets and streamline your cash processing. Through a partnership with Loomis, we provide an efficient way to secure cash deposits and gain provisional credit without a trip to the bank.

What it means for your business:

  • Enhanced Safety and Security - Eliminate the need to transport large sums of cash to the bank while protecting your assets and your employees.
  • Expedited Cash Flow – Receive next-day credit on commercial deposits received before the local deadline, and same-day credit on Smart Safe Deposits.
  • Improved Efficiency - Cash handling, trips to the bank, theft from shrinkage - all decrease efficiency. Our vault and Smart Safe solution allow you to streamline operations and run a more productive business.

How Cash Vault Services Work:

Step 1:

Contract with a certified armored transportation carrier of your choice

Step 2:

Make coin and currency supply orders through various convenient methods: online ordering, automated touch tone system, and standing orders

Step 3:

Prepare deposits in accordance with our Deposit Preparation Guide

Step 4:

Provide prepared deposits to your armored carrier

Step 5:

You’ll receive next-day credit for all deposits received by the cash vault site by local deadline


SafePoint® by Loomis is the industry’s premier cash management solution. This convenient and secure option allows you to maximize the benefits of a commercial cash vault service while minimizing transportation costs.

SafePoint℗ is ideal for businesses looking to:

  • Simplify your cash management process
  • Reduce cash handling costs
  • Deposit cash without leaving your place of business
  • Receive overnight bank credit for cash stored on-site
  • Access cash data and device usage remotely
  • Reduce risk and increase security

Our Commercial Banking Team is ready to help your business grow.

1Cash Vault Services and SafePoint require enrollment into Treasury Management Service Agreements, contact your banker for disclosures and details.