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What Can Reshoring Manufacturing Jobs Do for Your Bottom Line?

August 4, 2023

The future looks bright for American manufacturing, and this rings especially true for companies planning to reshore or nearshore their manufacturing facilities. Reshoring manufacturing can help rebuild America’s once-buzzing industry. Learn more on what you can expect and what reshoring can do for your bottom line. US manufacturing fell off a …

Primary Source of Fraud: Business Email Compromise

August 1, 2023 Business insights

Primary Source of Fraud: Business Email Comprise Email communication plays a major role in how many businesses conduct their daily operations. Fraudsters continue to adapt their business email compromise (or “BEC”) schemes, as well. While they may target an entire organization, they often focus their efforts on Accounts Payable …

Quarterly Market Review: Q2 2023

July 13, 2023 Business insights

Quarterly Market Review: Q2 2023 By: Paul Dickson, Director of Research and Giri Krishnan, Senior Portfolio Manager An Unsinkable Economy? A tight labor market and continued high consumer demand appear to have staved off a recession – possibly until 2024 (if even then). This resilience has meant continued inflationary pressures and points toward …

Financial Feed

June 13, 2023 Business insights

Businesses across the U.S. displayed a great deal of resilience over the last year as they overcame various post Covid challenges. Many challenges from 2022 have spilled over into 2023 and new obstacles have left some business leaders uneasy. As the Fed continues to wrestle with inflation and the labor war carries on, having a reliable financial …

Companies on the Rise

April 20, 2023

Tips and Strategies for Rapid Growth   The following article appeared in the Kansas City Business Journal and is published here with permission. In today’s constantly evolving economic landscape, business leaders face a multitude of challenges. From adapting to a decentralized workforce to attracting top talent to positioning your brand, …