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New Season. New You. New Financial Goals

Posted On: November 13, 2017 by Bank of Blue Valley in: Personal Finances, Seasonal

It’s a new season and a new month, making it the perfect time to set new financial goals! While money management may not be your strongest asset, we believe with a little goal setting, discipline and a little help from Bank of Blue Valley, you can end up surprising yourself how much of a financial all-star you really are! Start with these quick tips and watch your money grow. Create a budget and stick to it - Budgets don’t have to be hard. Write down your outgoing expenses and any incoming money. If you’re spending more than taking in, it’s time to eliminate some costs. If you need help with monitoring your spending, we can help you get on track.    The importance and purpose of a budget is to help you spend less than you earn so you can save money. So by not sticking with the budget, what’s the point of having one? Create it, use it, and stick to it. Eliminate Wasteful Spending- For the next round of bills you receive look at them closely....