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3 Questions to Ask Before Using Your Emergency Fund

Posted On: June 12, 2019 by Bank of Blue Valley in: Budgeting, Personal Finances, Save Money, Savings

When is a financial emergency, truly an emergency? Establishing an emergency fund is an incredibly important part of your budget, but knowing when to use it is just as important. Ask yourself these three questions before dipping into the pot. Emergency Fund If you’re new to budgeting, we recommend having a $1,000 cushion to help offset the cost of an emergency expense without it derailing the rest of your budget. If you aren’t able to put the $1,000 aside now, start small and work your way up to a number that is comfortable for you. Is it unexpected? Unfortunately, life can hit us with some difficult challenges that result in significant financial hardship. These are the situations in which use of the emergency fund is acceptable. This could be an unforeseen medical expense, like a child’s broken arm. Or, maybe you lost your job and will need some help getting the bills paid until you find new employment. These type of events are unexpected and...