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3 Keys to Managing Your Money When You’re Self-Employed

Posted On: August 8, 2018 by Bank of Blue Valley in: Budgeting, Personal Finances, Save Money, Savings

If you’re similar to 10 percent of the active American workforce, you are self-employed. Those who enjoy going into business for themselves find a great deal of freedom and empowerment. You have more value for your work, no uniforms, get to choose your customers, not to mention unlimited vacation days. However, these benefits can be quickly overshadowed by the effects of poor money management. In order to make your dream successful, there are certain key habits and skills you should have or develop in order to help your business thrive. Organization You may have already thought about the most exciting aspects of your new business such as the products you are selling and your logos. However, in order to keep the things you are passionate about alive, you need to keep your finances highly organized. Taxes - Many self-employed people forget about Uncle Sam until they are hit with a shocking letter. Unlike the days when your employer would automatically deduct taxes from your...