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6 Simple Ways To Save

Posted On: February 13, 2019 by Bank of Blue Valley in: Budgeting, Save Money, Savings

Finding new and exciting ways to save can prove tricky. We’ve all heard of making a list before grocery shopping and sticking to it, as well as cutting cable and dropping unused gym memberships. Bank of Blue Valley has put together some tried, trusted and simple ways to save to get your financial game back on track! Sign Up for Rewards There are rewards for just about everything these days. For example, gas, groceries, movies and clothing stores all offer different rewards programs. Credit cards may offer Cash Back options, your Bank of Blue Valley debit card includes UChoose Rewards®, Kohl’s has Kohl’s Cash, Amazon Prime offers free shipping and other benefits to consumers and so forth. Dive into what you tend to buy each month and ask if there are programs or cards you can sign up for to reap the benefits. Try Generic Brands Buying name-brand items every time you go to the store can begin to add up. When it comes to items that won’t show much of...