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How to Travel In the Golden Years - Making Dreams a Reality

Posted On: June 20, 2018 by Bank of Blue Valley in: Personal Finances, Retirement, Seasonal

Maybe you’ve dreamt about traveling your whole life or have had many opportunities to explore your wanderlust at a young age. Whatever the case, travel has been limited by the realities of the 9-5 workplace obligation. For many people, the Golden Years are equated with dreams of traveling on your own schedule, uninhibited because of financial independence. Yet, this added bonus may not be possible, if you have not allotted for the additional spending in your investments and learned how to travel frugally. Here are some practical tips to help you succeed over these major humps. Saving Your feet will be planted firmly on the ground if you don’t amp up your savings for retirement travel. While you should try to travel to the places that are the most physically exerting in your youth, look into all other ways you can trim your expenses. While it makes sense to just increase your salary, that isn’t an option that can be easily triggered. What you have the most control...