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BlueWave Online Banking Enrollment Application

Welcome to BlueWave Online Banking Enrollment Application!  In order to enroll, you must have a valid email address and deposit account open at Bank of Blue Valley. BlueWave Online Banking will provide you access to account balances, transfer money, check your account history, view/print check and deposit slip images, make loan payments, setup email alerts, the option to enroll in additional electronic banking services such as Bill Payer, Paperless Statements, or Mobile Banking, and perform additional electronic banking tasks. This secure application is available for personal account holders, only. If you are a business account holder, please Contact Us.

To complete this secure application, you will need to provide the required information below. For information regarding security and privacy with our electronic banking services, please read through Bank of Blue Valley's Electronic Banking Access, Consent & Guidelines, Security Statement, and Privacy Policy.

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  • NOTE: You must be an authorized signer on each account provided on this application.

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Authorized Consent

Please review the Electronic Banking Access, Consent & Guidelines. This document contains the terms and conditions that will apply to your BlueWave Online Banking Enrollment Application and access.

I confirm that the access device(s) I will use to receive related legal disclosures, agreements, and instructions meet(s) the system requirements described in the Electronic Banking Access, Consent & Guidelines, and I consent to receiving related legal disclosures, agreements, and instructions electronically.

I agree to use the Bank's Online Banking Services in a manner consistent with all applicable law and in accordance with the Account Agreements and all agreements and disclosures ("Agreements and Disclosures") applicable to my account(s) and the transaction(s) in which I engage. I confirm that I am eighteen years old or older.

By clicking the SUBMIT FORM button below, I acknowledge, certify and agree as follows:

  • I have read, understand and agree to all of the terms of the Electronic Banking Access, Consent & Guidelines.
  • I can access the Electronic Banking Access, Consent & Guidelines in the electronic form described in the Consent.
  • I affirmatively consent to the use of electronic signatures and electronic records for all transactions with the Bank made through this website and all Documents relating to those transactions.
  • I confirm the information provided in this application are correct.