CardValet: Frequently Asked Questions

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Does CardValet® work with Android and Apple devices?

Yes, CardValet works with the most recent mobile operating software as well as two past generations of Android and Apple devices. Currently, it is not available for a Windows Phone.

What are CardValet password requirements?

CardValet passwords must be at least eight characters in length and must contain: at least one upper and one lower case character, and at least one number and one special character.

I’m having trouble completing registration, the app seems to be rejecting my email address. How do I proceed?

Do not allow your phone to “autofill” your email address into the entry box. You must type out your email address character by character.

How many cards can you register within a single CardValet App?

There is no limit as long as the cards are associated with an institution that offers CardValet.

If I’ve been issued a new or replacement card, will I have to update my card within the application?

If the card number is new, then you must add the new card number to your profile. In addition, you may delete the former card information by accessing Settings > Manage Accounts. If your card number did not change, no action is required.

What exactly is the range of the “My Location” controls, and will this control setting impact internet transactions?

The My Location controls and alerts will check to ensure the merchant location is within a five-mile radius of the device set as “primary” within CardValet. These controls impact card-present transactions only, therefore internet transactions are not impacted.

Will location controls, merchant controls, threshold controls, and turning the card off impact previously authorized recurring transactions?

Previously authorized recurrent payments will continue to process and will bypass the CardValet edit checks.

CardValet® is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates.