An Arrangement for Success

July 5, 2022 | | Business Insights

This business was just a budding idea driven by the passion of wanting to help people communicate stories of love, sorrow and everything in between through the language of flowers.

A vision to revolutionize the flower-buying experience and to put meaning and significance back into what had become a mostly commoditized experience, was born.

“When the pandemic hit and so many others were waiting and didn’t have a resource for Paycheck Protection Program loans, that didn’t happen to us. We had a resource and were treated with the same respect as a big company.”

Owner, Floral Company

Our banking team provided mentorship, insights and guidance that helped establish banking needs, make introductions to key people and secure access to capital. This support assisted in managing investors in a way we may not have been afforded without the bank’s partnership.

“This bank believed in our idea and they wanted to be there to help, to see it through, starting on day one. That was unique and they made these things possible,” added the owner. “Starting a company is terrifying and lonely, and having someone give us that kind of respect was special. There are amazing financial partners here. They have been a part of this and we’re excited to build for the future."

Source: HTLF 2020 Annual Report