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Loan Programs
At Bank of Blue Valley Mortgage we are committed to helping you throughout the home buying process. We have developed an extensive portfolio of world-class products & services offering options for residential loans, home construction loans, extended lock programs, swing loans, stated income programs, Community Home Buyers program, investment property financing and more! Not sure what home loan purchase program is best for you? Our mortgage loan consultants can assist you with quality, free advice!

Residential Loans
We offer fixed rate and adjustable rate loans at various terms for conforming, jumbo, FHA and VA loans – along with the latest unique products.

Home Construction Loans
We offer construction loans at very competitive pricing. Our extensive experience in home construction will be a value-added dimension to your loan process.

Swing or Bridge Loans
Bank of Blue Valley Mortgage can help bridge the financial gap when the timing does not work out on selling your existing residence before the end of construction of your new home.

Stated Income Programs
We offer programs to assist buyer’s who are unable to provide the conventional proof of income.

Buying a Second Home or Investment Property?
Bank of Blue Valley Mortgage has products with as little as 10% down to purchase investment property.

Home Refinance
Did you know that refinancing your mortgage could save you money on your monthly mortgage payments? What could you do with extra money each month? Go on vacation? Pay for college? Reduce your debt? Bank of Blue Valley Mortgage is the best choice.

Home Equity Loans
Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit are perfect if you are in the market to add on to your home, for a new car or a boat, or, if you need to meet educational expenses, to consolidate debt or just to have cash and credit available as you need it.

Community Home Buyers Program
Bank of Blue Valley Mortgage is an active participant in this worthwhile program. Let us help you determine if this is a viable way for you to achieve home ownership.

Credit Challenged. We understand…
Having less than perfect credit does not automatically disqualify you for a mortgage loan. Bank of Blue Valley Mortgage specializes in helping people get a home loan, even if they are credit challenged. Our mortgages for credit-challenged customers are an alternative to conventional financing. We also offer poor-credit home equity loans for home repairs, paying off credit card debt or whatever you want to use it for!

Federal Government Handbooks & Booklets
Below are links to handbooks and booklets provided by the federal government to assist you when buying your home or refinancing your mortgage. (These handbooks and booklets are available in Adobe PDF format. Click to open or to download these documents, please right-click on the link below and choose "Save Target As...")

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